Šaljite nam svoje fotke i video klipove s prošlih događanja stavit ćemo ih u galeriju. Šaljite nam svoje priče, anegdote (a ima ih u kvartu na tisuće) potpisane ili anonimno, objavit ćemo ih. Imate li kakvu ideju vezanu uz web site ili manifestaciju, ne oklijevajte, o svakoj ćemo razmisliti (uz pivu još lakše). Imate li pohvalu? - i nju ćemo objaviti. Kritiku? - hm, aj dobro nju možda i nećemo, ali ćemo se potruditi da kritizirano popravimo. Kako bilo, pišite. Ne koristi li vam se ova kontakt forma, jednostavno pišite na info@zaprudje.hr .


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Marguerite Galway
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Edwardo Jo
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Loreen Ernst
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Terrance Winburn
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Reply #161 on : Fri January 24, 2020, 16:48:12
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Mike Winburn
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Taylor from Whiteboard Video
Reply #160 on : Thu December 12, 2019, 05:23:23
Hi there,

My name is Taylor and I work at WhiteboardVideoService.com.

I’m mailing you because I found your site: zaprudje.hr and was wondering if you are interested in adding a whiteboard style animated video? If you are not the person to contact I would be very grateful if you could pass this message to them.

Here are some of the video styles I create:

Whiteboard style

Niche specific Animated explainers

Chalkboard/Glassboard style

Kinetic typography

Presentation style

If you are interested please let me know, and if none of them speak to your imagination I do many other styles as well, so please do reach out to me personally.

I’ve made quite a lot of interesting, engaging videos, you can see over 40 examples I did for other sites on WhiteboardVideoService.com

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If you prefer me to show and talk through the video styles, I would be very happy to call you. I have some time later this week and early next, so please let me know when, and the best number I can reach you on.

Kind regards,

Taylor Jones

Video Magician at WhiteboardVideoService.com

PS: You are probably wondering, even if I would like a video, I'm very busy, what do I have to do?
After you purchase, I only need your website link. Yes, really.

PPS: It you are interested, you are certainly thinking, how much?
The first completely done for you video is only $77, including custom script, video and music (the next is $97). If you would like a voice over as well, it's only $177. Head over to WhiteboardVideoAnimationService.com to see what I can do for you today.

PPPS: If this is not of interest please accept my apologies and reply with no with your site in the subject line so you are not bothered again.
Kristin Donnithorne
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Alfred Greenwell
Posts: 165
my contribution to your blog
Reply #158 on : Tue October 22, 2019, 12:01:04
How is it going?

I am a very keen vaper and I have just started writing up some articles. I do not yet have my own website, but I would, nonetheless, would like to contribute these two articles I have written for publication on your blog / website https://zaprudje.hr/kontakt?jna6eb25e9=15.

I have saved the articles along with some custom design work I have created on my gdrive.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14W2yPVbNFa0dmYem4N9 29xNbLL-AZuaO?usp=sharing

It would be fab if you could revert to me with the urls of the published articles so that I could build up my profile as a writer and vaping/crypto enthusiast.

If you do like my work, I can write up some more articles. Just give me a shout.

Have a great day!
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quick question
Reply #157 on : Mon October 07, 2019, 23:44:24

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Upit u vezi Coca Cole
Reply #156 on : Tue August 27, 2019, 20:21:00
Jeste li zainteresirani za limenku Coca Cola 330 ml?
Cijena je 3.2 kn sa PDV-om i pov.naknadom.
Imamo mogucnost dostave robe paletno

1 Paleta 2640 kom
Ako imate dodatnih pitanja slobodno se javite
Kontakt broj: +385 91 725 2643

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